You have questions – We have answers!


  • What are the dates of this cruise?

    The cruise takes place on Celebrity Millennium, March 31-April 4, 2022.

  • What is the itinerary?

    The cruise sails out of Ft. Lauderdale, FL. You can see the whole itinerary here: Craft Whiskey Expo at Sea Itinerary

  • How much is a cabin?

    Cruise pricing is quoted per person, based on double occupancy. We have many cabins available at special fares, but the most popular category is a balcony, which starts at $509/person + taxes. Whiskey Expo at Sea Cabin Pricing

  • What is included in my cruise fare?

    Your fare includes your cabin, meals and entertainment onboard, classic beverage package, surf wi-fi and onboard gratuities!

  • How can I book my cabin?

    To book your cabin, call our travel agency partner, Online Vacation Center®, at 888-245-0527. You can learn more about them here:  Online Vacation Center

  • Can I book my cabin through another travel agency or directly with Celebrity?

    No. Whiskey Expo at Sea has special pricing for this cruise which is not available through other agencies or directly with Celebrity. In addition, if you book separately, you will not be able to attend our exclusive events.

  • How much is the cruise deposit?

    To secure your cabin, your deposit is $100/person, due at time of booking.

  • Is my cruise deposit refundable?

    Yes! Your cabin deposit is fully refundable until final payment.

  • When is final payment due?

    Final payment for your cabin is due no later than January 14, 2022.

  • Can I book my cabin online?

    Because of the special pricing, there is no online booking. We want to be sure you book into the correct group so you may attend the events. To book call 888-245-0527.

  • Can I bring my family?

    Absolutely! Cruising is very family-friendly. You can book a cabin for 3 or 4 people or even multiple cabins. Just call and the agents will be happy to take care of you.

  • I have Future Cruise Credits with Celebrity. Can I use these for my cabin?

    Yes! The credits are yours and can be used through Online Vacation Center to book your cabin. Simply have the certificate number(s) available when you book and Online Vacation Center will handle the rest!

  • Are there solo occupancy cabins?

    Celebrity Millennium does not have designated solo occupancy cabins onboard, and generally does not have reduced single supplements if you wish to travel solo. Since cruise fares are marketed as per person, double occupancy, a solo traveler will pay for the entire cabin minus the taxes for the second passenger.

    We suggest if you’re interested in attending solo, that you post your interest in the various social media groups focusing on bourbon and whiskey and see if you can find someone with whom to share your cabin.

  • Is a passport required for this cruise?
    Since this is considered a “closed loop” itinerary which leaves and returns to the same port, US citizens may board with just a birth certificate and driver’s license.  Real ID compliant license not necessary at the time of sailing, nor is a passport.
    It is always advisable to sail with a passport, should something happen and you have to disembark in the Bahamas and fly back to the US.
  • Why is there a separate Expo Fee?

    We know not everyone is a whiskey enthusiast, and we wanted to make it less expensive for those not participating in the expo events. So if your traveling companion/partner/spouse/family doesn’t want to take part in the seminars or tastings, they aren’t charged the fee.

  • How much is the Expo Fee and what does it cover?

    The expo fee is $75 per participant. This covers the administration costs for the logistics surrounding the event, and the costs for the tastings, seminars, etc. At least one person in each cabin must pay the expo fee.

  • If my companion doesn't pay the Expo Fee, what can they attend with me?

    There is a whole ship for them to enjoy while you are in seminars! We want to include them as much as possible, so they may still attend the cocktail parties, whiskey pairing lunch, and Key West Bar Crawl, but they will not be served the featured brands. Onboard the ship, they can be a part of the group dining in the evenings and can use their included beverage package to order the drinks of their choice in any of the venues, but in the case of the Key West Bar Crawl, they will have to purchase their beverages separately.

  • How do I purchase my Expo Tickets

    Within a week after booking, you will be emailed a link to the expo fee payment page.

  • Is the Expo Fee Refundable?

    The Expo Fee is non-refundable* and must be purchased within 30 days of cabin deposit.

    *In the event the sailing is cancelled by Celebrity, full refund of the Expo Fee will be given.

  • What is the vaccine policy for this cruise?

    At the current time, Celebrity is following the CDC guideline requiring all passengers 12 and over be fully vaccinated at the time of the cruise.* If you choose not to be vaccinated, or don’t wish to show your vaccine record, you will be allowed to cruise, but you will have certain limitations on your activities and venues onboard the ship. Unfortunately, due to the locations in which our events will be held, you will not be able to attend most of the Expo events if you are not vaccinated.

    The current Celebrity Cruises vaccine and testing requirements can be found here: Celebrity Healthy @ Sea.

    *CDC guidelines are subject to change at any time, and the policy in effect at the time of sailing will prevail. We will update these FAQs should new policies be announced.

  • Will I have to wear a mask onboard?

    No!* Because Celebrity is following the CDC guideline requiring all passengers 12 and over to be vaccinated, adults and children over 12 will not be require to wear a mask onboard.

    *CDC guidelines are subject to change at any time, and the policy in effect at the time of sailing will prevail. We will update these FAQs should new policies be announced.

  • What brands will be there?

    Up to 20 brands will be in attendance. A number these have already been announced, and can be found at: Craft Whiskey Expo at Sea Brands. More brands will be announced soon!

  • Will there be other bourbon and whiskey related items at the Expo?

    We are looking at adding other vendors who have products of interest to the bourbon and whiskey community. Stay tuned!

  • I'm interested in being included as a vendor or brand

    Fantastic! We are still considering other brands and products to be included. Please use the Contact Form to get in touch with us.