Read What the Media is Saying about Whiskey Expo at Sea:

“A first of its kind, Craft Whiskey Expo at Sea is putting enthusiastic whiskey and bourbon consumers together with the people behind exciting brands in a uniquely intimate setting. This is so much more than just another bourbon festival!”


Taking the relationship between whiskey and bourbon enthusiasts and craft brands to a new level. The opportunity for those new to whiskey and long time enthusiasts to spend extended time talking, tasting, learning and sharing together. Creating a true consumer expo rather than a simple bourbon festival.

Whiskey is Social

Whiskey and bourbon are designed for people to enjoy together. Whiskey Expo at Sea brings virtual communities together in a fully social and relaxing environment for four fun and exciting days.

Making it Easy

One reservation with $200 refundable deposit is all it takes. Everything is included: the cruise, your entertainment, drinks package, even wi-fi and gratuities. Nothing could be easier! Bring your partner or spouse, or even your family – they’ll have a great vacation too! 

Craft Whiskey Expo at Sea